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Shipping And Delivery

Novamind makes use of the best carriers to ensure you get your order delivered as soon as possible without any further delay.

Our shipping methods

International Shipping

  • Customers need to consult with their local Customs Department before placing an order. Duties and customs may or may not apply
  • Novamind will not be held responsible in case some packages get held in customs.
  • You can simply call or email us a cancellation.
  • Our methods of shipping may delay delivery for some countries
  • Delivery time will be depended upon the destination and postal services offered in every country.
  • In the case of some particular countries, it may not be possible to keep a track of a registered package after it has crossed the border.
General information

    Once the payment is cleared, we’ll process your order within a single business day.

  • Has been found damaged on delivery
  • We have the means and ability to deliver to almost all destinations throughout the globe. This has been made possible with a traceable shipping method.
  • We request you to mention the exact and precise shipping address during the order process. It will be your responsibility and the package will be delivered to the exact address.
  • You must ensure the right package and in proper condition by examining the package as you receive it. Though our carriers are professional enough, we suggest you do the required examination.
  • Also, examine the package before you sign for the delivery when asked by the delivery person.
  • The signature should be done by an adult, 18 or more years of age.
  • All the orders placed are subject to availability and acceptance. Suppose you place an order which is not available, we inform you through an email. So you are left with two options. One, to wait for the product to become available. Second, to cancel the order. It will be your responsibility to enter the correct email address, so that we can contact you as and when required.
  • An order placed by you will be an order of purchasing products from us. We have the right to accept the same or refuse the order placed any time before acceptance. We are also not obliged to explain the same.
  • It will be your responsibility to ensure that the details entered by you during the ordering process are accurate. We do not accept orders if the details requested have been filled incorrectly.
  • You will agree when we contact you for acknowledging receipt of your order, the communication will not refer to an acceptance of the order for the purchase of products from our website.
  • There will be a contract between you and us that will be incorporating these conditions. This contract (the 'Contract') will only subsist after we debit your payment made between you and us and after having confirmed a dispatch of products or having made them available for download. An email will be sent to you to make a confirmation (a 'Confirmation Notice'). This Confirmation Notice will mean an acceptance of your order with the purpose. Whether you receive it or not, there will be a contract between you and us when we send you the Confirmation Notice.
  • At times, when we agree to supply products to you permanently, or on an ongoing one, like by subscription, the same will be provided for some minimum fixed period (the 'Minimum Duration'). The length of that 'Minimum Duration' will depend upon two factors. One, the package or product which you selected for purchase. Second, whether the product or package is provided on the website or not.
  • The Contract formed will only have a relation with the products stated in the Confirmation Notice. We will not be bound to supply you with any other products that may have been a part of your order till the time of sending the separate Confirmation Notice related to the products.
  • Make sure you check the Confirmation Notice thoroughly. Also, take out a printout of the same and keep a copy with you.

Connect with us in case you have doubts about delivery and payments.