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Infibra tubolar size 1 mm length 50 cm

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Product Code :IF 1T
Category :Dental Products
Sub Category :Polyethylene Fiber Reinforcement Tape


TRILOR® Milling discs for dental CAD/CAM technology consist of a high-tech composite material made of an epoxy resin matrix with multidirectional glass fibers, which give the material a balanced spectrum of high strength and high modulus of elasticity.
Prosthetic scaffolds made of TRILOR® can be easily and safely veneered with all common veneer plastics or with Li-disilicate crowns. The fastening of crowns and bridges is carried out by means of adhesive technology, bridge constructions and abutments are screwed or attached adhesively.


  • crowns
  • Bridge connectors with up to 2 bridge links
  • Maryland Bridges
  • Abutments
  • Implant superstructures
  • Bridge constructions on implants
  • Long-term provisionals
  • Model casting
  • Drilling templates


  • colour:white
  • min. wall thickness:0.4 mm
  • density:1.8 g/cm³
  • water absorption:not water soluble
  • tensile strength:26 GPa
  • bending strength:540 MPa
  • modulus of elasticity:  26 GPa
  • compressive strength:530 MPa
  • impact strength:300 kJ/cm²

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