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ORTHO-MANIA – Orthodontics for General Dental PractitionersJun 05, 2021 - Jun 06, 2021

ORTHO-MANIA – Orthodontics for General Dental Practitioners

Designed especially for general practitioners, this 2-day online workshop on Orthodontics will help you get started with Orthodontics in your day-to-day practice. Dates: June 5-6, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday) Time: 9.00AM- 6.00PM FEES: TOTAL COURSE FEE: 10260/-

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Aesthetic Dentistry for General PractitionersMay 16, 2021 - May 17, 2021

Aesthetic Dentistry for General Practitioners

ABOUT THE COURSE: Aesthetic Dentistry for General Practitioners is a module based online course that will help general dentist to kickstart their aesthetic dentistry practice DATE: MAY 16-17, 2021 (Sunday & Monday) TIME: 9 AM- 5PM (Both the Days) TOTAL COURSE FEE: 6000/-

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Socket Preservation Techniques in Implant TherapyMay 05, 2021 - May 05, 2021

Socket Preservation Techniques in Implant Therapy

ABOUT THE PRESENTATION:   Several studies have concerned the morphological alterations occurred in alveolar process as a consequence of tooth extraction, both vertically and in the width of the residual bone. The resorption rate is a factor of the time since extraction. The contour loss occurs at a more significant rate during the early post-extraction period, especially within the first six months. Changes in the buccal alveolar bone plate result in a collapse of the alveolar process, especially in the maxillary bone. The subsequent ridge deformity poses a challenge to the rehabilitation process due to the significant functional and esthetic problems, especially in the anterior maxillary region.   Conservative atraumatic extraction and socket preservation techniques with different materials have been evolved and clinically implemented. Recent preservation approaches tend mostly towards the regenerated bone quality as a prerequisite for gaining a proper implant site and less towards the topographic status of the edentulous ridge. Socket preservation procedures used widely to manage the tissue dimensional alterations after tooth removal. These techniques considered as predictable procedures to reduce the need for extensive bone augmentation operations in implant dentistry. There are different socket/ridge preservation techniques with different outcomes. In this webinar there will be a discussion on various Socket Preservation techniques that helps to preserve alveolar ridge resorption.    KEY TAKE HOME POINTS FROM THE PRESENTATION:   The loss of alveolar bone volume can occur before dental extraction due to periodontal disease, periapical pathology and trauma to the teeth and bone (5,6). Additionally, the traumatic removal of teeth can cause bone loss and must therefore be prevented.  The resorption and remodeling of the alveolar ridge after tooth removal is a natural healing phenomenon, which is physiologically undesirable and possibly inevitable and can negatively impact implant placement.  Because the ridge dimensions are so crucial, it is advantageous to preserve the dimension of the post-extraction ridge instead of reconstructing it thereafter, thus maintaining its ideal vertical and horizontal dimensions and decreasing patient morbidity.  Therefore, Socket Preservation methods that ensure the preservation, augmentation or reconstruction of the alveolar ridge height, thickness and quality, immediately after dental extraction, either with bone regeneration procedures or with the placement of endosseous implants, seem to be essential for the maintenance of its vertical and horizontal dimensions.  DATE: WEDNESDAY, May 5, 2021   TIME: 5PM IST   REGISTRATION: FREE (Prior Registration is Mandatory) 

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