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Executive Director

Since my teenage, I was curious about the science behind the human body and immune health. This craze led me to achieve my medical doctor bachelor's degree year 1989 from my hometown Athens. I have always believed good health allows you to express the truth, and speaking the truth is absolute freedom. In this process, I decided to serve humankind instead of few patients in the clinic.

To achieve freedom, a sound healthcare system is crucial, and I am on my way in the journey since then and last three decades part of Healthcare Entrepreneur, and I sincerely enjoy improving it.

I am closely associated with world-class pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi, Astra Zeneca, Abbot, GSK, Roche, and Merck, offering patient support programs consultants on Medical Device Regulations compliances internationally. Past two decades, I gained good experience via my GMG company and professional team and would like to invest the best of my knowledge in NovaMind GmbH and achieve our one purpose.

I also hold immense experience in product design and implementation, scientific education for physicians, production and distribution of medical journals, and working closely with major international well-known publishers and scientific associations such as Elsevier, American Heart Association, Springer, Lippincott, and Börm Bruckmeier Publishing.

With my passion I have in the Health care industry, I was able to achieve an excellent long-term customer base internationally.

I always strive to innovate healthcare products which is affordable to everyone. With NovaMind GmbH, I am sure to invest my three decades of knowledge and improve people's lives by providing them with appropriate healthcare regardless of color, religion, language, and country.

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Product and Technical Director

I am a smiling engineer with the desire to create affordable dental restorations. Imitating nature in high precision is my Art.

I was born in the leading city of Ancient Greece in the first millennium BC. Yes, you understood right. The world's one of the oldest cultural achievements during the 5th-century town Athens.

I am a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) with sufficient years of dental lab experience. I also gained immense experience with few well-known German companies working in product marketing, product development, mastering dental prosthetics, and these serving dentists for two decades internationally. I am presently leading NovaMind, investing all my experience to better customer satisfaction and offer a reasonable solution. I am in the aim of providing the best prosthetics outcome, belief in restorative-driven implants. I am always glad to conduct masterclasses for dentists and dental technicians and already completed hundreds of hands-on workshops internationally.

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I took over developing a high-tech industrial unit with world-class brands, aiming to manufacture Implants and Prosthetics to fulfill the present gab. I believe Implants are the only best alternative for missing tooth and everyone must have access to it.

I spent most of my time on product research and development or playing tennis with my friends and colleagues.

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Managing Director/CEO

I am a fan of Bollywood and Bollywood dance, and I also apply the same fun and joy with my business partners. I am an Electronics and communication Engineer having a root of Indian origin, but at present German Citizen, lives near Frankfurt, Germany. I am a Healthcare Entrepreneur holding 15 years of work experience in the international business of dentistry, dental economics, product branding and marketing, sales and customer relationship management, dental media and events, and holding one decade of experience in the international dental implants business and dental CME events.

I am very obsessed with customer satisfaction. I am keeping track records maintaining good long-term relationships with contacts with national and international clients.

Finding a solution that works for everyone is my passion, and Win-Win is my everyday exercise in business.